Personal, Household and Car Care

Personal, Household and Car Care
Personal, Household & Car Care Raw Materials

Our range of raw materials allow companies to manufacture personal, household and car care products. Our industry offerings include:
Skin Care – Creams & Lotion     Skin Care – Bath and Shower     Cosmetics     Hair Care
Hair Styling     Car Care     Homecare & Janitorial     Anti-Perspirants
Suncare & UV Absorbers


Formulated flavours for oral hygiene applications including toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss and oral care chewing gum.
Skin Care Formulations

SKINCARE – Creams & Lotions

Within the skin care area, we offer a number of personal care specialties to create a wide range of formulations.

Body Creams/Lotions
Facial Cleansers
Hand Cleansers
Skin Scrubs

SKINCARE – Bath & Shower

Shower gels
Exfoliating shower gels
Bath foams
Foaming bath oils

Hair Care Raw Material

Hair Care

Unique Flavours offers a wide range of materials suitable for the manufacture of shampoo and conditioners for hair. Through our  specialist product offering and extensive knowledge of this sector, we can ensure that you will be at the forefront of this market.


Hair Styling

Hair Gels
Hair Putties
Styling Creams
Smoothing and Straightening Creams
Spray on Hair Fixatives