Our Products – (Flavours, Fragrances & Colours)

We have a selection of fragrances based on pure, natural and nature identical materials, as well as a selection of artificial or synthetic flavours and we also supply assorted food colours and cosmetic colours.

Our objective is not just to sell to our customers, but to develop a strong business relationship, which includes market product knowledge, provision of samples for testing and evaluation before any sale is finalized.

Only by such a relationship can our customers have full confidence in our products which are of the highest standard. The manufacturing sites of all our products we supply are fully ISO9001, ensuring world class standard.

The flavours, fragrances and colours we supply are much sought after. We owe a responsibility to our clients to supply the best to boost their sales. We sell quality products at competitive prices.

Through our specialist product offering and extensive knowledge of this sector, we ensure that you will be at the forefront of this market.

We can conduct tests in your base with suitable flavours, fragrances or colours of your choice that can be accepted by the market.